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  • Why Berkey is the Superior Water Filter

    Potable Water is Scarce

    Only 1% of the Earth's water is ready to drink. All other water must be processed and filtered before it can be consumed.

    Go ahead... Google it.

    The Black Berkey Filter

    This powerful filter has been proven to reduce bacteria, viruses, pesticides, additives, heavy metals and radioactive elements by as much as 99.9999999% (Log 7) for up to 3,000 gallons per filter!

    The System Pays for Itself

    Buying bottles or refilling is expensive. Plastic containers can leave harmful BPA's and are bad for the environment. One Berkey system can pay for itself in less than 3 months. 

    Comes in 5 Different Sizes

    Even Goldilocks could find the right size Berkey for her home! The durable stainless urn is available in many sizes to fit your filtration needs and budget.

    Reduces Fluoride and "Acceptable" Arsenic

    The FDA has established "acceptable" levels of arsenic presence for water to still be considered potable. Many municipalities add fluoride to the water. The PF-2 White filters reduce these chemicals through absorbtion.

    Filtration that is Portable

    All Berkey Water Systems are uniquely designed to go where you go. Whether you are moving to a new home or are just going to the gym, Berkey filtration can be taken with you.